Understanding the water system of Bhuj

Bhuj is the capital of Kutch, a semi-arid region located in the western part of Gujarat.
The people of Bhuj have been able to survive in this drought prone area only thanks to a very elaborate system of water management engineered 450 years ago.

1.hamirsar_-old.jpg 2.hamirsar_-old.jpg
View of Hamirsar  shared by Mr. Vinubhai Gajjar, taken by Mavjibhai Ranchhod Gajjar (pionner photographer of Kutch)  1836 - 1912 View of Lakhota island (now named Rajendra Park). Photograph taken from below the Krishnaji bridge by Mavjibhai Ranchhod Gajjar (pionner photographer of Kutch)  1836 - 1912, shared by Mr. Vinubhai Gajjar


The “heart” of the system, which is today also considered as the “heart of Bhuj city” is the Hamirsar lake. All the rain water from the surrounding catchments was made to collect into this central, massive reservoir.

This ancient system has been functioning till 1968. After this date, the development of borewells and the growing urbanization of the city, totally disintegrated it.

Discover how this impressive system was working and how we could revive it ! (see the links below)

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