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Find below list of Bhuj Councelors with their address, ward and contact numbers. 
The information has been updated on the 4th of April 2014.

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here are currently 42 Counselors in Bhuj. 

Kutch has always been a region of exchange, passage and trade... this reflects in many ways through the culture, crafts and the different communities who settled in the area. Bhuj as the capital of Kutch is a great example of this diversity.

Online directory of all health professionals in Bhuj city (Doctors, Clinics, Dentist, Gynecologist, Ambulance, etc)
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Prevention is better than cure....

Despite suffering several earthquakes, Bhuj city still has a rich collection of heritage buildings ..
Some of them require maintenance and restauration but one can visit interesting buildings such as Pragmahal, Ainamahal or Kutch Museum. 

For the past 7 years an informal system of transportation has developed in Bhuj :  Ckhakada drivers are transporting everyday thousands of passengers to and from villages around the city.