Homes in the city


The Homes in the city (HIC) program has been initiated in the city of Bhuj, capital of the Kutch district of Gujarat.

The earthquake in January 2001 had a severe impact on Kutch. To support the economy, the state government established industries in peripheral parts of Bhuj through economic incentives.

As Bhuj is the district capital, migration has been a familiar phenomenon and has increased since 2001 both from within the district and outside.
Urbanization and industrialization together have severely impacted Bhuj and created new challenges for the development of the city.

To address these issues, in 2008, HIC program was initiated collaboratively by civil society, citizens and urban local bodies, for better quality of life for all citizens through active participation in urban governance. 

Program focus:

  • engaging citizens about active citizenship by creating awareness on their rights and responsabities
  • empowering and organizing specific citizen groups ( such as, area committee, slum committee, water and sanitation committees, women's federations)
  • improving basic services : drinking water, sanitation and solid waste management
  • strengthening the livelihoods of marginalized families
  • supporting owner driven and dignified housing construction

Program approach:

  • Implement various demonstrations to be replicated in Bhuj and other cities
  • Create a knowledge bank and dissemination centre to act as a bridge between the citizens, organizations, experts and Urban Local Bodies ( mahiti mitra,urban setu)
  • Capacity building and nurturing by organizing trainings and workshops for the specific citizen groups. 
  • Involvement of Imminent experienced citizens to support the HIC program. 
  • Partnering with local urban local bodies for implementation and scaling up of different interventions. 

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